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Pilsupiai exposure can be found in the surrounding areas of Krakiai, in Pilsupiai village. It is an exposure of Šušvė River bank. After Angiriai dam was built, a large part of it was submerged under water. The exposure's moraine layers are vertically rinsed in the interpalmate bank. Studies of the formation of terrain moraines help restore the glaciomechanics of glaciers. In 1974, the exposure was declared to be a geological natural monument and considered to be of national significance since 1985. Since 20 March 2000, it is considered to be a State protected natural monument.

Studies have shown that there was a foot settlement 1 km to the north from the mound, where smooth surface molded ceramics were discovered. The mound dates back to the I millennium– beginning of the II millenium.


Krakiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Pilsupiai Mound (Bakanas)
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