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Bakainiai Mound Complex, consisting of a castle hill with two fore-works and defensive ramparts, is one of the largest mounds in our district providing beautiful views of nature. It is surrounded by Liaudė River from three sides, and protected by a rampart from the north. The well-fortified castle mound was mentioned by the Crusaders in 1372. The mound dates back to the beginning of the II millenium – 15th century. It stands in the area of Krekenava Regional Park. Currently it is well adapted for visitors: there is a parking lot, stairs and outdoor furniture. Festive bonfires are lit on the castle mound and songs can be heard across the valley of Liaudė several times per year, during the celebrations of St. John's Day and the coronation of King Mindaugas.


Surviliškis Neighbourhood, Kėdainiai District