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Legend says that the brick church was built by the crusaders in place of a pagan temple, after chopping down a large forest. The impressive Gothic St. George's Church is the oldest building in Kėdainiai. According to written sources, it was built in around 1460. The church is surrounded by Varlupis River. In 1549, the owner of Kėdainiai Ona Radvila invited a Protestant priest and was in the hands of Protestants for 70 years. Paintings and altars were removed from the church, and a belfry was added. In 1627, Duke Kristupas II Radvila returned the church to the Catholics. There are a lot of valuable paintings inside the church. Its interior is decorated with late Baroque style altars. This church in one of the oldest in Lithuania. The panorama of the Old Town of Kėdainiai can be viewed from the hill. Open during services.


Šėtos str. 22, Kėdainiai