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There is a childrens' playroom

The specialty of the house is dumplings, which you can choose from 17 different types. In addition to enjoying them in the cafe, you can also buy frozen dumplings. The cafe sells culinary heritage products: mead, beer, and traditional Lithuanian sweets! 

"We will bake a Pagrandukas..."

 Pagrandukas little kitchen offers Pagrandukas stories and the history of the origin of dumplings. Children will be able to make and decorate their own Pagrandukas, and they can even take one home to treat their family. Dumpling making and a fun quiz is the second part of the programme which will allow children to learn about the origin of flour and its variety, as well as try out different ways to form dumplings. In the end there will be singing and tasty hand-made lunch in a group of happy friends.

Dumpling degustation "Our History"

Dumplings is a traditional Central Lithuania dish which was often served on a daily basis and during festivities. "Raganė" offers to taste as much as 17 types of dumplings. You will taste the dumplings, learn about the traditions of how they are made and remember the old Lithuanian customs together. You will also be able to taste Lithuanian mead, wine or beer. You can buy frozen dumplings and other national heritage products.


Sodų str. 3A, Sirutiškis, Kėdainiai District




Dumpling degustation "Our History" (Cafe "Raganė")
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