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The history of the museum began when Lithuania regained its independence, when the artist and emigrant of Lithuania Janina Monkutė-Marks had an idea to give away her works to her homeland. In 2000, the artist purchased the building of the former Kėdainiai Regional Museum, and established a museum-gallery under her name. The building's reconstruction was carried out within a year, by restoring the architecture of the end of the 19th century. The museum-gallery was opened on 20 October 2001. An average of 7 exhibitions are organized in the gallery each year. Their authors are various famous Lithuanian and foreign artists. Priority is always given to textile exhibitions. One of the aims of the gallery is to present the works of famous foreign artists to Lithuanian people. The museum continuously exhibits the work collection of Janina Monkutė-Marks, comprised of textile, paintings and graphic works. The museum organizes educational projects, plenaries, symposiums, concerts and other events promoting art.

The museum-gallery holds the following educational lessons: "Janina Monkutė-Marks graphic art – linoleum carving", "Janina Monkutė-Marks painting – pop art", "Janina Monkutė-Marks textile – hand-made tapestries", "Knitting without needles", "Painting on water", "Drawing with sand", "Fractal drawing", "Mastering the technique of tying traditional straw himmeli using non-traditional materials".


J. Basanavičiaus str. 45, Kėdainiai


Janina Monkutė-Marks museum-gallery
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