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"60 km on both sides of Nevėžis"


  • Apytalaukis. 19th century Apytalaukis Manor House, 17th century St. Peter and Paul Church
  • Šeteniai. Česlovas Milošas homeland, cultural centre
  • Šventybrastis. Oaks of Šventybrastis, 18th century Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, monuments to rebels and Independence, the grave of the grandparents of Česlovas Milošas
  • Krekenava. Krekenava Regional Park Visitors' Centre, observation tower, Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Assumption
  • Bakainiai. Bakainiai Mound
  • Kalnaberžė. Mound, manor homestead
  • Sirutiškis. Manor homestead
  • Kėdainiai. The Oak of Mikalojus Daukša

The route runs along car roads. Road: most part of the route is paved, a small part of it is gravel. Traffic on Road No. 195 (Krekenava - Kėdainiai) is slightly more intensive than on the district Road No. 2008/202. Even though Kėdainiai is a plain land, there will be several uphills. Those who wish to make the route shorter, can do so: at Šventybrastis, by going down towards Nevėžis and taking the field road, and later the forest road until reaching a suspended bridge. Cross the bridge to the other side of Nevėžis and continue the journey on the other bank of Nevėžis from Surviliškis.

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