"Paberžė – the great attraction"

Kėdainiai – Kalnaberžė – Sirutiškis – Surviliškis - Krekenava – Paberžė – Kėdainiai. 78 km

Paberžė is a special place: it is incredible that it is so small, and with so many historical, natural, cultural and religious values. You can visit the only museum in Lithuania dedicated to the 1863 Uprising, which is established in a wooden manor of the 18th century.  Nearby, you will also discover a church built by folk artists, which contains the crosses and altar of V. Svirskis, and collections of lanterns and prayer books. There are "storage areas" of liturgical clothes and various utensils, located in the buildings near the church... The manor of Česlovas Milošas grandparents Siručiai in Sirutiškis, and the manor homestead that belonged to the Prime Minister of Russia Piotr Stolypin – in Kalnaberžė. The famous wood carver Vincas Svirskis is burried in Surviliškis. In Krekenava, take a look around the area from an observation tower, as well as view the exposition "Variety of old Nevėžis river beds" in the Visitors' Centre of Krekenava Regional Park. We recommend ordering the degustation of dumplings in cafe "Raganė" in Sirutiškis. If you want to spend time in nature, there are resorts in Nevėžis Valley in Surviliškis and Paberžė. Duration of the tour 6 hours.

"Geographical centre of Lithuania"

Kėdainiai – Ruoščiai – Dotnuva – Akademija – Krakės – Skinderiškis Dendrology Park – Kėdainiai. 62 km

We recommend taking this route during the warm season, as the accent of the tour is Skinderiškis Dendrology Park. The area of more than 120 ha includes an arboretum, a natural forest, Šušvė River and a total of around 1400 species and forms of introduced plants. Plants are planted in areas according to their geographical origin. This place is particularly beautiful in autum – over 60 species of maple trees grow here. Be sure to visit this area in spring to admire blooming magnolias, and in autumn – to view maple trees, as this area has 60 different types of the latter! The park includes observation towers, benches, tables, a fireplace and wooden sculptures. On your way to the park, you will visit the geographical centre of Lithuania in Ruoščiai village, a Church and Monastery Ensemble in Dotnuva, and a former manor house in Akademija.  Duration of the tour 3 hours.

"In the Footsteps of Česlovas Milošas"

Kėdainiai – Apytalaukis – Šventybrastis  – Šeteniai – Kėdainiai. 32 km

Kėdainiai district, Šeteniai is the birthplace of Česlovas Milošas, a writer, poet, translator and publicist, as well as the winner of the Noble Prize. An exposition dedicated to Česlovas Milošas was built in the restored granary of his home. Nevėžis Valley is decorated with sculptures depicting characters from his novel "The Valley of Isa". Šventybrastis is a small village, however historians state that there was once a pagan temple which is basically confirmed by century-old oaks growing here. The great-grandparents and grandparents of Česlovas Milošas are buried in Šventybrastis cemetery. His mother and Česlovas himself were baptized in Šventybrastis church. Apytalaukis is a manor house of impressive architecture, and the church built in the 17th century is also related to Č. Milošas – his parents married here.  Duration of the tour 3 hours.

Tours in the crematorium

The first and only crematorium in Lithuania was opened in November of 2011 in Kėdainiai free economic zone. Free educational tours are organized there sInce the spring of 2012.  During the tours, information is provided on cremation traditions in Lithuania and the world, as well as on the activities of the crematorium. Questions are also answered. Continuous urn exposition of the master of unique crystalline glazes, ceramic Algimantas Patamsis can be found in the lobby. In addition, free exhibitions of the works of professional Lithuanian artists are organized here, which can also be viewed outside of the tours. Tours can be booked in advance by coordinating them with the crematorium's administration by phone 8 613 30996 (www.rekviem.lt). A group of no more than 20 people can be received at a time.