Traditional Crafts Centre the Arnet's House of Kėdainiai Regional Museum

The Arnet's House offers the following old crafts programmes: weaving, lace weaving, ceramics, wicker weaving, carving and Easter egg colouring with wax.

Address 21 Radvilų Street, Kėdainiai

Truskava Holy Spirit Church

In 1988, during the Soviet era, a permission was received to build a new church with the persistent efforts of the parishioners. Project works and the constructions of the church began in 1989. The constructions were managed by the parish priest Petras Baniulis. The cornerstone of the sacral building was blessed on 19 June 1990. Blessed in 1998.

Address 14 Truskavos Street, Truskava, Kėdainiai District

UNESCO heritage – Cross-Crafting

There are 18 crosses of the most famous Lithuanian wood-carver Vincas Svirskis stored in the exposition of Kėdainiai Regional Museum.

Address 19 Didžioji Street, Kėdainiai

Vaidatoniai Mound

The mound is formed on the hillock situated on the left banks of Kruostas River and its inflow Virškaučius.

Address Surviliškis, Kėdainiai District

Vosbučiai Mound

Vozbučiai exposure is within the territory of Krakiai Local Authority, in the surrounding area of Vozbučiai village, near the junction of Šušvė and Ginevė Rivers.

Address Krakiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Vozbučiai Exposure

Vozbučiai exposure is within the territory of Krakės Neighbourhood, in the surrounding area of Vosbučiai village, near the junction of Šušvė and Ginėvė Rivers.

Vytautas park

Address J. Basanavičiaus g., Kėdainiai
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