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At Didžiosios Rinkos Square one can admire one of the three surviving town halls in Lithuania and the only one with a Renaissance style. It was built in the 17th century. A prison and archives used to be in the basement of the town hall and some shops on the first floor (there were standard scales, measurements of lenght and weight in there). On the second floor there were premises of the Magistrate and a courtroom. Nowadays, Tourism and Business Information Centre, Civil Registry Office and other establishments are situated in the Town Hall. Concerts, cultural and representative events are organized there as well. The courtyard of the Town Hall is decorated with sculptures, one of which was built in 1995 to commemorate the 340th anniversary of the treaty between Lithuania and Sweden. The author of the sculpture is Swedish sculptor Ulla Viotti. The sculpture includes two pillars built from 3000 bricks, reminding of the waves of the Baltic Sea and symbolizing Lithuania and Sweden. Main materials of the sculpture – bricks and rocks – were brought from Sweden. The sculpture was created using 18th century methods, and matched the town's architecture.


Didžioji str. 1 , Kėdainiai