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The first sacral building was built in Surviliškis between 1592 and 1597, to which Bučioniai village was gifted in 1938. In 1637-1640, Samogitian Bishop J. Tiškevičius built a new church with his own funds and provided 14 wallachs of land for it. In around 1777, there was a parish school near Surviliškis Church. In 1791, a new wooden Church of Crucified Jesus was built, which had Baroque and Classicism features. L. Urbonavičius, who was a priest in Surviliškis Church in 1865, was accused of supporting rebels and exiled in the same year to Tomsk Governorate. Moreover, between 1908 and 1914, there was a division of Lithuanian Catholic Temperance Society at that time. The church can only be visited during services. 


Surviliškis, Kėdainiai District

Surviliškis Church of Crucified Jesus
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