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It is located about 13 km north of Kėdainiai. Czeslaw Milosz also spent his childhood there. Šeteniai is "the beginning of his beginnings", his source of inspiration. Motifs related with the valley of the River Nevėžis abound in Milošas' creative work. In his novel The Issa Valley, Šeteniai Manor becomes alive together with its people, stories, legends and myths. The restored barn of the estate accommodates a residence andconference centre with an exhibition dedicated to Milosz. Pay a visit to Šventybrastis Village: Milosz was baptized in the Church of Christ Transfiguration and his grandparents are buried in the cemetery near the church. In the restored former granary, there is a Residential Conference centre established. It hold a display, dedicated to Czeslaw Milosz and the surroundings are decorated with statues, dedicated to his works.


Šeteniai village, Kėdainiai District


Šeteniai – Birthplace of Czeslaw Milosz
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