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For a long time, Paberžė was known as a place of pilgrimage, due to the fact that its priest was a Capuchin monk Algirdas Mykolas Dobrovolskis – Father Stanislovas. He helped the village become the centre of attraction - people from all over Lithuania came here to listen to his sermons and talk about life. Today, the Blessed Virgin Mary's Church, granary and rectory have an abundance of liturgical and household items, collected by Father Stanislovas, which he called "saugotuvės". The church built by folk artists (1787) has an abundance of sacral valuables, Vincas Svirskis crosses, as well as an altar carved from wood. A museum for the uprising of 1863 was established in the former Šilingas manor (18th century), which is the only such museum in Lithuania. Paberžė Landscape Reserve was established to preserve the historical and cultural monuments, as well as the natural complex of the valleys of Liaudė and Nykis Rivers.

Visits upon prior arrangement only.

You can access the territory any time.
The church is open during Holy Mass. To visit the church or order a tour, contact the Museum of the 1863 Uprising, tel. +370  645 12407, muziejus1863@gmail.com


Paberžė, Kėdainiai District


Sacral-historical complex in Paberžė
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