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It reminds us of one of the most prominent events of the past – the 1863 Uprising. At the end of October of that year, a group of 200 rebel infantry soldiers and 20 riders were ambushed by Tsar's army in Daniliškis farmstead not far away from Šventybrastis. Tsarist government prohibited to burry those that were killed in the cemetery. Local villagers gathered the bodies and buried them near the churchyard. There is a monument for the Independence of Lithuania down the stairs towards Nevėžis River. The monument created by sculptor Kostas Rameika was built here in 1928, under the care of priest Vincas Švambaris. It was blown up in 1959 under the order of the leaders of the former Nevėžis subdistrict. Local people buried the remains of the monument in the ground. In 1988, ethnography enthusiast Alfonsas Petrauskas found a photo of this monument. At the end of May of 1989, the monument was built in the same spot where it stood many years ago.


Šventybrastis, Vilainiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Monument for the rebels
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