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Kėdainiai Town Park is a part of the former Kėdainiai manor homestead. The scenic 19th century park is one of the first in Lithuania. Kėdainiai manor homestead area is 37.26 ha. When, in 1811, Kėdainiai was owned by Count Pranciškus Čapskis, the latter established a manor homestead here. The town's old park acquired its current view in 1845. Marijonas Hutten Čapskis fundamentally reconstructed the homestead, and built a three-storey manor house (currently in place of the stage). After widening Dotnuvėlė, he built ponds, islands, bridges and planted a park. After the 1863 Uprising, the manor was confiscated from Čapskis and was given to a Russian army general of German origin, Count Eduard Totleben. He reconstructed the manor house and re-planned the park. In around 1880, he also built a 28 m high Muslim minaret to commemorate the Crimean War. In 1944, the palace was bombed by Germans. The park includes pedestrian and cyclist trails, and there is also a site for those who love roller skates and skateboards. The main entrance to the park is from the side of J. Basanavičiaus street. The park can be reached from the train station by walking through the railway crossing, where the minaret is nearby. 

Kėdainiai Town Park
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