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Jūratė and Erikas, owners of the rural tourism homestead "Šušvė" and organizers of kayaking trips, turned their hobby of making mead into a legal business.  The mead made with love and passion, from honey gathered in their own apiary (and they use plenty of honey – each litre of mead contains 750 g of honey!) is appreciated not only by mead lovers, but also by professionals. "Kunigaikščių" mead has earned the most awards. In 2015, it was recognized to be the best Lithuanian mead in the Lithuanian Wine Championship, it had won a gold medal in the 21st International Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry "AgroBalt 2016", and received a certificate in the 8th Lithuanian manufacturers' exhibition "Made in Lithuania 2016". "Tradicinis", "Jūratė" and "Kunigaikščių" mead were marked with the national heritage label. No chemical additives are used in the production of mead, only natural materials. This is its main difference from other manufacturers. The degustation will include six types of mead and home-made cheese. You will also learn about the mead-maker' craft, the history of the drink, consumption habits and its production. The homestead is established in a secluded, quiet, beautiful location, by Šušvė River, near the archaeological and historical monuments – Plinkaigalis mound and necropolis whose findings date back since the 3rd-6th century. The distance between Kėdainiai and Plinkaigalis is 29 km.


Plinkaigalis, Kėdainiai District


Gastronomic heritage degustation
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